Bridal Shower Essentials For an Unforgettable Celebration

If you have been tasked with throwing a bridal shower for a loved one, perhaps you are unsure of where to start when it comes to planning a fantastic soiree. Well never fear! In this article, we will discuss some bridal shower essentials that will get your invited guests chattering happily all the way until the wedding, and beyond!

1. Delicious Food

The key to pleasing guests at a bridal shower is plenty of yummy snacks that will fuel everyone for the rest of the activities. Covering the food doesn’t have to be complicated, however. Whether you choose to cook, cater, or ask guests to bring a covered dish, what’s to be eaten can be quickly taken care of without hassle. A good idea for a bridal shower is to have plenty of finger food available. This can include simple sandwiches (cucumber sandwiches are simple and delicious!), a veggie tray, and cookies or cupcakes. A candy buffet could make a wonderful dessert table for guests as well!

2. Plenty of Games and Activities

One of the factors that make bridal showers so fun are the activities and games everyone plays. Unsure of what games and activities to include in the celebration? One great idea is to have everyone, including the bride-to-be, draw a picture of what they consider the perfect wedding dress. When everyone is finished, have the bride compare her drawing to those of the guests, and select the one that is closest to hers. Give this lucky lady a prize!

3. Gifts!

When it comes to attending a bridal shower, it is usually customary to bring a gift for the bride-to-be. Some bridal shower parties are referred to as a “panty party”, where the guests bring a gift that is made up of (hopefully!) tasteful lingerie. This is not the only acceptable gift, however. Feel free to purchase candles, books, and household items for the lovely lady tying the knot. And of course, good old fashioned money or gift cards is never a gift that goes unappreciated!

Whether the bride chooses to open up her gifts as one of the activities of the gathering is up to her, but if she does indeed choose to do this, seeing what everyone has presented her with can be great fun. Having someone write down who brought what (anonymously, of course! You don’t want any hurt feelings within your guests if they couldn’t bring a gift) can help the bride-to-be save time later when it comes time to send out thank you notes.

If you make sure to include these bridal shower essentials when planning the bash, you’re sure to host a celebration that will please everyone, especially the guest of honor! Good luck!